The Hosts

What We Do


The hosts are responsible for welcoming people (especially newcomers) and helping people meet each other by making introductions. If it's your first time to the event, find a host! S/he will be happy to talk to you and introduce you to others.

Our Names


This event began organizing on a private social networking website. So, our hosts often have more than one name and sometimes use their screen names (either exclusively or together with their real names). For this public website, we'll post screen names and descriptions of the hosts for each event.
Find Us!

(Co-Creator David is not active in PCLA anymore )

-Roxy is the creator of PCLA and is a 5'3", queer punk chick with ever changing hair color. Always happy to share puns and bad dad-jokes. 

- Robert is 5'9", a charming Englishman, with short brown hair. He is bearded, wears glasses, and loves Metal!

- Erin is 5'6" with a respectable viking haircut. She'll probably be at the bar talking quantum physics or the afterlife. You know, light conversation topics.

- Sanjay - is 5'7, Indian, with short black hair. He is bearded, and is generally found with a huge smile and (definitely) talking too much. He's a natural extrovert, and is therefore happy to chat and make introductions. 

-Ashley is a 5'5" Egg lover, professional Shagger (it's a dance!!), curly haired, adventurer. PCLA's resident social butterfly!


We look forward to seeing you there!