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Poly Cocktails Los Angeles (PCLA) is a monthly event for poly, open, non-monogamists and sex-positive people of all stripes and persuasions in Los Angeles to hang out and get to know each other over drinks and food. There’s no agenda, no panel, no organized discussion; it is purely a social event. PCLA is about building community and forming friendships. Our goal is to make sure you leave having met some new people and feeling like you belong to a larger community.


Modern Loves.
The LA poly community should be a safe place for people to consensually explore boundaries, develop deeper relationships and socialize with like-minded and respectful allies.


A great deal of conflict, pain and shame has been inflicted by prominent people in this community, who violated the boundaries and ideals they claim to uphold. If you are aware of the players involved in recent allegations, this post till come as no surprise to you. If you are not aware of the individuals involved, that is okay (if anything, better).

Regardless of your understanding, this is an excellent time for PCLA to reiterate its zero-tolerance stance on rape culture, misogyny, hate speech and aggressive cruising. Simply put: There is no place for it at our event. No one attending PCLA - particularly newer, more vulnerable members - should be targeted by pick-up artists. Attendance at our event is primarily a Social gathering; we are building community. Any relationships (sexual/platonic/romantic/etc.) that develop as a result of meeting like-minded people are a wonderful bonus.

We ask for your  help in maintaining the safety of this community. If you see something at our event, say something. If someone looks uncomfortable in a conversation, ask if it's okay to join the conversation and check in on them. If someone makes you uncomfortable, violates basic boundaries, or uses hate speech (even "in jest"), please tell a host.


At PCLA, we believe victims. We are so proud of how the LA poly community bans together to protect and support each other. Let us all continue to grow together.

Thank you.


-Team PCLA 

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